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29 January 2012

Survey, anyone?

Well, I'm really supposed to keep this between Tyler's teacher and I, but I want to make sure I document this momentous occasion!  Not only is Tyler making progress with his friend at school by asking her to "Please be quiet!" or ignoring her, but he is also helping her to make new friends on the playground.  He's not "the" social butterfly of class, but he is a compassionate kid.  But, last Friday his teacher poked her head in my car to tell me this....
"Will Tyler be attending Challenger for 1st grade?"
I respond "yes", thinking to myself, I hope this isn't a trick question "Yes!  We will be enrolling him next week!"
To my surprise she replies, "Good.  He NEEDS to be here for first grade!  He is extremely smart... like top notch smart.  We took a "Survey Test" (whatever that is) in class.  He received 100%.  Do you know how rare it is for ANY kid to receive 100% on this test?"
I'm thinking to myself... I have NO idea what this test even is, so my answer is "No!"
"Karen, try to keep this between us, but it really is a big deal!"

OH.MY.GOD....OH.MY.GOD.... This is me screaming... OH.MY.GOD!!!!  ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.  This is also me not documenting this MOMENTOUS occasion... this is me NOT TELLING ANYONE.

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