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24 February 2012

Happy 11 Months, Presley!

Dear Sweet P,

Can you believe it?  You’re already 11 months!  Next month is the big ONE YEAR!  This has to be the fastest year on record.  In this last month we’ve seen you blossom so much.  We have good days, and we have some really bad days.  It looks like you are getting your two top teeth in, you poor thing!  They must hurt you so badly.  You’ve cried a lot this last week or two.  Today was the first day you were actually in a good mood ALL DAY!  It feels like your little teeth are about to pop through, and yet again, my boobs are scared.  4 TEETH!  Scary!  At least we are close to our goal of one year.

You still hate your car seat.  Even the anticipation of the car seat.  It’s only when you finally pass out in it that there is silence again.  I also can’t put you down to save my own life.  I have to carry you everywhere like a little princess.  You don’t really care about other people when I’m around.  Maybe I have SUCKER stamped on my forehead, or maybe it’s just because we cuddle and you get all your nourishment from me.  Not sure, but I’m not complaining.  Someday you will go through a time where I’m lame and you don’t want anything to do with me.  I will relish in this moment, and the Ergo Baby is a lifesaver!

Here are some of the things that you have accomplished this past month…
  • You have the “Miss America” wave down pat.  Seriously.
  • You say: Hi, dog, Dot Dot, Lala (Lola), woof, Dada, Mama, t-t-t for Tyler, up.  Sometimes we think we hear bye bye.  But boy do you have some gibberish!  Lots of yackin’!
  • You blow kisses.  So adorable!
  • You are kinda shy, and it’s kinda nice to have another quiet person in the house!
  • You dance which is awesome!  Tyler and I love to throw dance parties, your moves are super cool! 
  • You understand a lot.  It’s crazy.
  • You are not a performer and won’t show off for anyone, unlike your brother who shows off for everyone.  Everything is on your terms.
  • You are a lazy walker.  You could totally book it across the room if you wanted, but you go about half way and start crawling again.  Then you stand up in the middle of the room, take some more steps, then decide to crawl again.  If we hold your hand, you walk.  Can we say weirdo!?
  • Your dad and I are considering putting a copyright on your name like Beyonce’s baby, Blue Ivy (Seriously, who names their baby that anyway!?  Your name is WAY cooler!).  We make some pretty rad snowflakes out of folded paper.  We will name them after you and sell them to random people.  Just kidding. 
Well, I think that pretty much sums it up!  I made your tutu for your first birthday pictures.  It’s super adorable, just like you!  I charged some really cool things for your birthday on my secret CC… don’t tell your dad!  So, in the words of your Great Auntie Maritta, “Love you tousand million kissies!”  (Yes, with a super thick German accent and intentionally misspelled words)


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