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14 February 2012

Is My Kid Entitled?

The fact that they even need to write THIS article is beyond me, or maybe it's the fact that there are actually parents out there that think these things are OK.  Unfortunately, I'm embarrassed to say that I am part of the Y generation.  Do I ever feel entitled to anything?  No.  I've always had to work for the things I wanted.  I started working for my Great Aunt when I was little.  Helping her clean her dental lab with my Grandma, and when German's clean... they clean.  No lie!  If I wanted to make more money, I had to take on more responsibilities.  This article states that being from the Y generation, our best assets are being narcissistic and entitled.  Not only that, but now we are raising children.  Children that we give everything to on a silver platter.  I guess that makes them twice as entitled!?

Now, what may work in my house may not work in yours, but I have to agree with this article in so many ways.  I have seen kids throw fits, tantrums or even run out of stores when they weren't given their way.  I watch parents who don't really seem to care when their kids talk back, run off, don't listen or misbehave in front of others.  It's OK for them to be rude or act out of control.  The solution is to set them in front of a TV, game system, phone, Ipod, Ipad, Iphone, ignore them... you name it.  What  happened to the good old days of IMAGINATION?  Maybe a book, coloring book, or god forbid... you misbehave and we take you out of the store or restaurant?!  In our house, and we are not perfect by any means, call us old fashioned, but we believe in timeout, spankings and sending our kids to their room.  It works.  Yes, I believe in spankings.  I grew up with spankings.  What did I get out of it?  Not nightmares, I'm not emotionally scared for life.  I remember that if I did it again I would be in big trouble because it was wrong or dangerous. 

I listen to parents make excuses for why their child is so hyper or out of control... sorry deary, but it's not because they are a genius.  I often wonder if it were their friends child acting that out of control, what would they say about him/her?!  Probably not that it was because they were too smart to control themselves in public!  No accountability, or maybe just blind to the truth?  It's a lot like what my dog friends have said.  If you have trained a dog, you can raise a kid... it's pretty similar.  If your dog doesn't sit the first time, you plunk their butt down.  The dog learns to do it right the first time.  Do we have to tell Tyler to head to timeout more than once, or to stay there!?  No!  We put him back until he figures out how to stay put.  It takes patience, it takes time and persistence, but isn't that part of parenting??  (Yes, I totally went there with a dog analogy!  It's more similar than you would ever imagine!)

We are definitely NOT going to be that family with a TV in every room.  If Tyler wants one, he can save his hard earned money and buy one for himself.  If he wants to drive a car his senior year, he will need really good grades and a job to pay for his own gas and insurance.  If he acts out he is either in TO or we simply leave the store.  Isn't this common sense?!  I'm really confused!  I'm a parent.  I wasn't put on this earth to hand everything to my children on a silver platter.  My kids were given to me, by God, to help them succeed and be responsible people.  How will they learn that if everything is handed to them, they have no accountability and no repercussions?  How do we teach our kids reality when they are given everything?  All I can do is pray for guidance, and hope that my children rise above to become sucessful, respectful adults.

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