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24 February 2012

Kindergarten Science Fair

Today was the Kindergarten science Fair!  Tyler’s class did their experiment on different boat shapes. They tested four different shapes: banana, rectangle, triangle and oval.  They tested the amount of pennies each boat could hold before sinking.  Can you guess which boat won?!  What is your hypothesis?


After carefully collecting their data, the triangle shaped boat won!  It held 84 pennies!  Was that your guess?

We took Tyler to the multipurpose room to check out the grade school individual projects.  Needless to say, Tyler is a fan of science!  His favorite part?  Testing the boats!  The class did a presentation, each student got up and read part of the experiment. Tyler reads like a champ.  He’s such a fluid reader, and we are so proud!  We love how much passion he has for learning new things.  Great job, Mr.T!

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