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23 February 2012

Mommy needs a timeout…

These last few days have not been easy.  Not in the least bit.  They have been long…l-o-n-g days.  It’s a slow time for work, my eye twitches, I’m tired and super cranky.  So, to get to the point, It all started yesterday when I picked Presley up from daycare.  Two words: Cranky baby.  She cried all the way to Tyler’s school, then all the way home.  She has two teeth coming in.  Tyler got in trouble again for that WONDERFUL child in his class.  We rush home to get ready for his swim class and let the dogs out.  Well, it wasn’t good enough for one of them.  The bigger of the two decided to CRAP across the living room.  I had to leave Presley in her car seat until the carpet was clean.  She screamed almost the entire time.  While I was cleaning I asked Tyler to start his homework.. he used YELLOW HIGHLIGHTER!  You can’t read yellow highlighter on your homework!  We did the same homework twice.  No one wanted to go to bed, so I get another sleepless night.
Day 2… I learn that we have a sympathetic puker in the house!  You can only imagine my excitement!  This time Dot decides to puke up a few kibbles and some water, Tyler freaks out.  Pukes on the carpet.  Once again, I am cleaning the living room carpet.  I walk into the kitchen to put away the paper towels, and what do I walk into!?  Yup, Tyler decided to puke in the kitchen too. 
Tomorrow we have a conference with Tyler’s teacher to resolve this reoccurring issue.  He has a science fair, then Bill and I just MIGHT (fingers crossed) get a few hours to hang out! 
Here’s to a better tomorrow!  Motherhood is not for sissies….

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