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20 March 2012

Happy First Birthday, Presley!

Dear Presley,

  I have to be honest, I’m sitting here trying to think about what to write and I just want to sit here and cry instead.  This is really emotional for me.  I remember Tyler’s first birthday being a HUGE milestone!  HUGE!  Everything with Tyler was about accomplishing milestones, of course, being a new mom there was probably too much focus on those things.  I always wanted him to be bigger, better, smarter than the rest; to me he still is.  But with you…. totally different story.  I don’t want you to walk, and you took your first steps at 9 months.  I don’t want you to talk, you already have too many words, and you know how to use them.  I want you to stay little, to stay my baby.
I was thumbing through pictures of your past year.  Tears fill my eyes.  It’s here too soon.  It’s all happening too soon… you were just born yesterday!  Seriously.

I want to savor every moment… You’re beautiful wide blue eyes, your soft porcelain skin, your voluptuous Angelina lips, chubby rosy cheeks, thunder thighs…omg… thunder thighs!  I love your squishy little toes, soft blonde hair, perfect upturned nose, your butt chin (as your dad calls our chin!), amazingly ticklish belly button, pudgy dimpled fingers.  I love it all. 

I love to watch you sleep, eat, play, chase your brother, chase the dog, yell at the dog.  I can’t stop kissing your cheeks.  I want to squeeze you  You are shy, yet flirty and oh so cuddly, the ultimate girly girl.  Some of your favorite toys are: makeup, hair (you love to brush my hair), clothes, shoes, tutu’s.  I miss you all day when I’m at work, you and your brother.   There are days where I cry on the way to work, especially if certain songs come on the radio.  I can’t spend enough time with our perfect little family.
There is so much emotion, my soul aches to be with you guys.  There has been so much learning and discovery in such a short amount of time.  I’m so thankful that God has allowed me to see all of your first’s, just like he did with Tyler, even if I am not with you for part of the day.  I have had the honor of seeing it all.

All of this in just one year, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next one.  I could not be more lucky that you are all mine.  Thank you for one of the BEST years yet. 

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