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16 April 2012

Our weekend.

Hey everyone!
  It’s me, Sweet P!  I just wanted to tell you all about my fun weekend!  I don’t know what it is, but since I had my very first birthday, I have found a ton of attitude!  For example, Daddy and I got into our very first argument!  It was exhilarating!!!  I wanted to break the lock and grab some cleaning supplies from under the kitchen sink.  I’ve seen my parents do it, like, maybe a hundred times.  I grabbed the lock end and pulled, just like they do.  No such luck… then the nerve of my dad!  He told me “NO!”  I swear, some people just don’t get it, do they!?  So, what do I do, you might be wondering?  I told him “YES!” Come on, who tells this sweet face “NO” anyway!?  Seriously!  He told me “NO!” again!  THE NERVE OF THAT MAN!  I continued to tell him “YES” while he continued to tell me “NO!” and we were getting no where fast.  Like a vicious cycle.  I had to come up with a plan.  I thought, maybe if I run around him all cute like, it might distract him.  Well, it did.  He laughed and told me how adorable I was…blah, blah, blah.  But I was super focused on getting to those cleaning supplies.  Honestly, I see my mommy cleaning all.the.time.  I just wanted to help, so I got daddy super dizzy watching me run around the kitchen, then back to the lock!  I thought I’d have it for sure the second time, but yet again, I failed.  Obviously, my forte in life will not be criminal, safe unlocker, or professional car jacker.  I would totally have video, but mom couldn’t find the camera, and was busy laughing at me.  She said that this won’t be the first or the last time daddy and I have this kind of conversation… all I can say is… Presley=1, Daddy=0… HOLLA!
  Well, the weekend was kind of a bust.  We didn’t really do a whole lot, but I loved all the attention everyone gave me at the March of Dimes Poster Party.  Then on Sunday, Daddy wasn’t feeling good.  Apparently he has an ear infection and a chest cold.  He blames me… again, the nerve.  Just because my nose has been runny, and I’ve been coughing does not mean it was my fault.  I might just have to call my lawyer, Mema.  She will get me all sorts of new clothes out of this settlement! 
  Mommy took Tyler and I outside to play on Sunday.  It was nice, but still a bit breezy for my taste.  We walked along the bike path, saw dogs, a cat, some birds, people, flowers, trees, weeds, lots of water.  There is so much to explore!  I had had my breaking point, though, when the sprinklers around the neighborhood attacked me.  It was fun at first, but those things spin around!  Then BAM!  Right in the face!  Boy, was I mad!  So, off we went, back to our house.  Then, it was late and I needed a bath.  With that, we ended another fun weekend.
Until next time.
Presley Red heart 
P.S…. climbing on the coffee table, and trying to type my own blogs is SO FUN!  I climb up, open the laptop, grab the mouse and start making all sorts of changes to the laptop.  Daddy secretly loves it because fixing computers is his favorite past time.  I just like to make sure he stays busy!  Later babes!  xo

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