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14 April 2012


I love shopping.  Anyone that knows me, or even just a little bit of me, knows that I love shopping.  My favorite book series of all time… Shopaholic Collection (or pretty much anything by Sophie Kinsella)  So, you could only imagine the excitement that flooded my entire being when we found out we were having a girl, Presley.  Shopping for boys just isn’t the same, the selection is seriously lacking, although Tyler is a seriously stylin’ kid!
If I’m not spending time at the mall (weekends), hanging out at Baby Gap, sifting through all the new outfits, shirts, shoes, dresses…excreta, then I am online looking for cute new things that I can buy for her.  Online shopping has really taken a fancy for me.  Not dealing with the crowded mall, and having things shipped right to your front door is pretty exciting (especially when they use FedEx…. just sayin’).  The anticipation…”will it be at my door when I get home today?!” is overwhelmingly exhilarating!  It’s not the same as walking into a fancy store, and smelling the aroma of wonderful new clothes, out on display for me to drool over; but, all the options you have online are pretty uh-maaaahhhhh-zzzzzing, and slightly more alluring. 
Today, I open an email from one of my best friends.  She also has a girl, beautiful Malaya.  I love getting these kind of emails from Tammy.  They make my day!  It’s like she’s trying to say to me, “YES!  You NEED this for Presley!  I know Bill won’t mind!  It’s SO her!”  Or, maybe that’s just what I want to think she is saying to me….  But here is the following email from her…. this is why I love her so much!
DUDE!! The Mon Cheri Baby is totally P!!
Holy Hannah!  You are SOOOOO going to get me in BIG trouble!!  hahaha!  LOVE IT!
And, thus begins the shopping spree.  More ideas flood my head on things she needs and should have… one of those things being some cute ballet slippers… not only elegant and dainty, but will go with tons of outfits if found in silver or light pink, like these (which I am seriously considering buying), or some strappy sandals… like these.
Cute white pants, like these.  Definite staple for summer styling's!  (thank goodness for those GAP gift cards)
A sun bonnet like this, which she definitely won’t need on our trip to Alaska………. I’m not sayin’, but I’m just sayin’.
Well, you get the picture.  I have a serious issue.  I don’t think I can go a day without looking at clothes online.  A serious addiction, have you.  A major distraction.
So, thank you, my dear, dear friend Tammy, for keeping my addiction alive.  I know my mom is proud, Bill… not so much.  Frownie face.

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