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23 April 2012


Last night when I went to bed, I though to myself…”Self, tomorrow will be great!  I can sleep in a little, head to Nordstrom Rack, finish laundry, grocery shop, then relax!”  So far NONE of that has happened.  Here is my day so far…

Kids were up at 7:40. Tyler was too excited to sleep any longer because he bred a Sakura dragon. At 7:40 we got to see the egg. Wonderful!  A few minutes later, Presley woke up.  I ask Bill to get her.  He brings her back to the bed!!  Seriously!  Then asks if I want to feed her…. “With what!?”  I ask.  I get out of bed and make breakfast for Presley, she doesn’t even want it!  I wasted my time making food and I don’t even like to make food.  Bill FINALLY gets out of bed and tries to eat the breakfast I made for Presley.  Ummm.. No.  You are capable of making your own food!  I just spent 10 minutes making that for her, and she will certainly eat it later!!  Then my Nordstrom Rack date texted me, her baby is sick!  She can’t go until later!   UGH!

I walk around the house and pick up after everyone.  Dishes are everywhere.  I put them all away, and Bill asks why I am so cranky!  REALLY!?  I just want to lay down for a minute, so finally I get a nap!  All weekend I’ve been pining for a nap, and now I get a 30 minute nap.  I have got to get these people out of the house! 

Bill has a soccer game at 11, and is anyone ready to go?!  NO!  Presley is now ready for her nap and is screaming around the house, Tyler hasn’t brushed his teeth or gotten dressed and Bill is probably on the pooper for the 15th time since getting up.  Tyler runs to his bathroom to brush his teeth, and what do I end up doing?  Scraping toothpaste and hand soap from under a towel, thrown over to secretly hide the evidence, then peel a “Student of the Day” sticker from his mirror.  I grab all the laundry to start yet another load (to give Bill a little credit, he did put the wash in the dryer), and there is a spider in the washer!  I scream for Bill ( I HATE spiders), and guess where he is…again…. Yup.  The pooper.  At this point, this disgusting spider is running mad all over the dirty clothes, Presley is trying to chew the rubbery rim of the washer and Bill is busy pooping.  He finally kills it, and who tells me he is glad I’m OK!?  Tyler.  Bill is still laughing at me. 

Finally I get Tyler dressed and Bill is ready to leave the house for his game.  I lecture Tyler on not talking to strangers and being a good listener.  Bill tells me “ A kidnapper would give him back after 10 minutes anyway!”  So comforting…. They head off.  I call them back.  Did he grab sunscreen for our fair skinned, haired, eyed child?  No.  Back he comes, and off he goes.  I head back into the house and there is Bill’s soccer jersey and socks sitting on the couch.  Guess who is called back to the house, again?! 

Bill and Tyler are at the game.  Presley is napping and I am typing away….

I finally get outside to get my tan on!  YES!  I’m reading a fabulous book, and it’s 90 degrees.  Life is good!  We head out to Bill’s second soccer game, named the newly hatched dragon Shakira, and call it a day!  All in a day’s work for me.  (yeah, that’s me… patting myself on the back…haha!)04_edited-2

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