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28 May 2012

14 Months.

Dear Sweet P,
Well, you turned 14 months the other day and I realized it’s been four months since your last update!  Oops!  Just fire me now. The point of this blog is to document the things that you and Tyler do, and I have been tired and forgot.  Don’t sue me someday, OK?!
You are the most beautiful bundle of joy we have ever seen.  You bring so much happiness to our lives, which has made me forget how much suffering you put me through while you were growing inside me.  But I will always tell you that you were SO worth it, all of it!  I definitely won’t miss an opportunity to let you forget though.  Just like my mom does to me… “Don’t make me send you to the Cabbage Patch!”  “I carried you for 9 months!”, or “ I will never forget that day… 5 whole hours of labor, 25 minutes of pushing and it hurt!”  Plus, I hope it keeps you from having babies before you should… just a little fear, ya know!?
Anyway, you have been growing in leaps and bounds!  You have almost 30 words to your vocabulary… is that normal?  I don’t know.  I don’t count words unless you’ve said them more than a few times.  You’re brother had an impressive, amazing vocabulary at 18 months, and you are well on your way.  Your favorite word is “Doggie!”  Everything is a doggie or a good girl.  You love to wave at cars and people and say “HI!” or “bye-bye” but not if we ask you too, only on your terms.  Looking at all the pictures around the house is pretty awesome too.  You also love books.  I love, love LOVE when you bring us books to read, including Tyler!  You look up at me with those big beautiful eyes, say “Book!” with it raised above your head, then you turn around and scoot your butt back into my lap and sit down.  You forcefully put it in in my hands and demand that I read it to you.  We could cuddle and read books all day long. 
You do not entertain anyone and you are not a pleaser.  You can also be quite shy.  Pretty opposite of Tyler.  Tyler is a crowd pleaser, flirt and anything but shy.  He is outgoing, but not over bearing.  You, my dear, are quiet and shy, but when you do talk it’s adorable, and your voice is sweet and soft.  Unless we are in the car…still… the car seat is your enemy. Ugh!  Like nails on a chalkboard… Please stop!!!
You love to kick soccer balls, stand on your tippy toes, play outside and cuddle.  My hair and makeup accessories are fun to play with but so are toy cars.  Dad and I love watching you with your stroller!  You cram your baby inside and forcefully push with intention of taking her somewhere, like you are on a mission!  It’s the cutest thing!  You also love to help me around the house when I clean.  Laundry, vacuuming and dusting are no big deal for you- except when I leave you behind.  Then you yell at me “HEY!”.  As your dad puts it… “You are pretty damn awesome!” and we love you so very much! 

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