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18 May 2012

Justin Bieber, please exit my dreams. You just aren’t my type!

As I promised, here is the story of how I acquired such an amazing Mother’s Day gift… My prized Justin Bieber shirt.  I know, you are super jealous.  It’s ok.
One morning I woke up.  Ready to gouge my eyeballs out.  I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m totally going to blame this on my friends who are reading the book 50 Shades of Grey, and the crazy dreams they have been sharing with me…you know who you are….I blame you.  So, not only did I wake up with his song stuck in my head “If I was your boyfriend”, but I had a dream that I made out with JB and he wore tighty whities… Seriously, Karen. Tighty Whities and Justin Bieber.  Both of which are NOT on my list of sexy, unless it’s David Beckham for Armani... the ONLY exception to the rule! 
Then it seemed like for the next week while driving to work…at 5:30 am….. I would hear that stupid song.  EVERY MORNING!  Seriously.  “If I was your boyfriend I’d never let you go…blah blah blah… something about Buzz Lightyear…”  Maybe I wasn’t really awake!?  I thought maybe it was some kind of sick joke!?  I thought I was losing my mind! 
Then I had another dream.  This time JB was taking me on a date to a basketball game (I don’t even like basketball JB… way to go.  Strike 2!), and my sister wanted to steal him away from me.  She even tried to squish me behind my bedroom door.  What a witch, except in real life I would let her have him. 
I made the mistake of telling this to a few co-workers, and of course, my lovely husband.  I have some of the worlds greatest friends.  They haven’t let a moment pass to make fun of me.  Like playing his song on the radio and turning it up, asking how I slept… sending me texts with his magazine covers.  You name it.  Then the topper.  Mother’s Day.  A JB shirt.  I’m wearing it to bed tonight.  Take that Bill!  Do you wanna get some tonight!?  You will have to stare at JB’s face!  haha!
Note to self…
Dear Karen,
If you are going to dream about other men, PLEASE make them one of the guys listed as “Sexy” up above. 
Greatly Appreciated,


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