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02 May 2012

March for Babies.

Last Saturday was our official walk for the March of Dimes.  I'm sure many of you were tired of my endless nagging for donations, but whether you were on board with us or not, it was definitely worth spreading the message and raising money to such an amazing organization! 

Our grand total for Team Maxell was $1015, beating our goal by $465!  At work, where Luis, Lori and I were the team leaders for our station campaign, we raised over $2500.  We had a great time selling candy, baked goods, hot dogs and raffle tickets for fun prizes.  One of the prizes was a "Ride Along", where the winning courier gets to take a runner for the day to help on their route.  I was chosen by a downtown courier, and I couldn't be more excited to get my running shoes back on and hit the road with her!  A little change of pace from running reports all day long!

Next year we hope to raise even more mullah, and maybe find a few of our personal friends that would like to walk three miles with us for Tyler and other premature babies across the country.  Did I mention that Tyler did the full three miles with me?!  I power walked the entire route, Tyler kept up, and we were some of the first of the three mile walkers to cross the finish line!  Way to go, Mr.T!  We are SO very proud of you!  My favorite moment was when we found our poster from the poster party, Tyler stood by it so proudly and a few passer byers clapped for him as the walked by!  It still warms my heart to think of his proud little moment. 

To all of you who helped encourage us, donated to us and supported us... Thank you again.  We couldn't be more blessed to have such amazing friends and family, and so many people who understand why we want to help the fight for premature babies and their families.  A special "thank you" to my baby brother for clicking "submit" twice in a row when it told you not to, for a grand total of $200 donated.  YOU, my brother, are so very generous... whether you meant to be, or not!  We love and appreciate you all!  Enjoy pictures from our special day.

The Maxells

Ready for the ride!

Start of the walk!

I know... he's making a weird face...LOL

All business!

Boise River

Across the finish with Traci and Miss J!


  1. Great pictures and congrats on beating your goal!! :)

    1. Thanks! You as well! Go March of Dimes! :)


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