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07 May 2012


Tonight I made the most BOMB DIGGITY spinach!  Not sure if you’ve heard all the rave about coconut oil, but apparently it’s some pretty amazing stuff.  It can be used for cooking, wrinkle cream, age spots, body lotion, body wash, hair, all sorts of health issues, etc.  It’s a jack of all trades!  Tonight, I though I would use it for a little cooking and I can’t believe how healthy, yet tasty my spinach turned out… and not to mention how easy!  If it’s not easy, I’m not even going to consider it!
DSC_0015 (2)DSC_0016 (2)DSC_0017 (2)
1 spoon of coconut oil
Half a bag of frozen spinach
1 wedge of laughing cow cheese
Heat pan super hot with coconut oil.  Add frozen spinach and sauté until cooked through.. only a couple of minutes.
Once done, put in another container and add cheese to taste.

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