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16 May 2012

Tyler’s Spring Program

Have I ever mentioned that Tyler goes to the MOST AMAZING SCHOOL EVER?!  Challenger never ceases to amaze us, and once again this Spring Program is no exception!  These kids spent a lot of time learning the songs, dance moves and practicing their parts.  I know it’s a long video, but Tyler has a solo part, along with the cutest Do Si Do I’ve ever seen!  If you scroll down to the bottom, you will see a special surprise that Tyler received today.  We are SO SO SO proud of our little man! 
Tyler’s Spring Program, part 1
***Tyler receives bronze for his short story, Dinosaur Island!*** 
Tyler, mid sentence with his short story…making an awesome face… At least Mrs.Cook looks good!
Tyler and his friend, Elijah… these two are a hoot!

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