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01 June 2012

How to make the "Arrow" paper airplane! By: Mr. Tyler Braedon Maxell

I don't know how Kindergartner teachers do it, but they deserve an award or a huge pay raise. 

Tyler had a presentation yesterday and he chose to teach his class how to make the Arrow paper airplane (probably something to do with his obsession with airplanes).  Something that took him about 5 minutes to present at the house, turned into a 15 minute presentation in class helping kids fold their airplanes in preparation for flight! 

I asked Tyler how it felt to teach the class, he said " It was fun!  I think the kids really liked their paper airplanes!"  To which I replied "Now you know what your poor teacher has to go through every day!  Always be nice to her!"

Great job, T!  Once again, we are super proud of you!


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