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09 June 2012

Kindergarten Graduate.

Dear Tyler,
Yesterday was bittersweet, emotional and yet exciting all in one day!  It’s hard to watch my baby grow up.  I feel like I just dropped you off at your first day of Kindergarten, to pick you up as a first grader.  I walked into your school today with a heavy heart, some gifts for your teacher and tears in my eyes.  Today was hard.
We had a fantastic last two days of school.  So many things to be proud of!  I am so thankful for these days I have had with you.  Thursday was an award ceremony where you received a Young Author award for your short story Dinosaur Island.  You are so creative!  I was very proud until your sister decided to scream and half the Kindergartners turned around to stare at her… at that point it was time to jet.  She sat there quietly for over an hour, clapping for all the kids, and then she was done.  And even more, you weren’t upset that we left early.  You totally understood, and were so excited that Presley and I were on our way to her first swim class!  You are a big boy!  You know what Dad and I love about Challenger?  Not everyone receives an award.  You have to earn it.  It’s not a “feel good” school, you earn the right to feel good by your own hard work.  It’s not just handed to you. 
Friday was a fun day at school, and I had the honor and privilege of being a parent volunteer. It was so much fun! I even ended up with the girls playing jump rope!!! I was totally in with the Kindergarten and First grade girls! There was a bounce house (kid crack… seriously), some fun relays and popsicles. It was a fabulous day.  I enjoyed watching you throughout the day!
I came back to the school early so I could have your last years Preschool teacher and your Kindergarten teacher sign the book Oh The Places You’ll Go for you.  Every year I will have your teachers sign this book, then give it to you when you graduate.  So far, everyone sees bright things in your future, just like we do!  You were pretty sad to leave, too.  You love your class and your teacher so much, but you are definitely excited for summer and all the fun things we get to do.
I haven’t seen any of your test results yet, but a little birdie told me that the class average was in the high 90’s, at a second grade, fifth month level…. needless to say we’ll be studying hard for first grade over the summer…. you even get the concept of multiplication!  I can’t wait to see your results, because I know that you had a lot to do with the high score.  You are incredibly smart, and so very capable.
Once again you have made us proud with all of your accomplishments.  We had really awesome days… your Young Author award, or your 100% on the Challenger Survey Test ( which apparently is a BIG DEAL!!!), the second kiddo in class to receive your Golden Key and finish your Math tests.  Then some really trying days… all due to the same girl in class.  Let’s hope you aren’t in the same class together next year.  You are perfect with all other students, but her.   
Well, kiddo.  We look forward to playing with you all summer long, our trip to Alaska and your upcoming birthday party at the Zoo!  Then before you know it, I will be in tears all over again as we drop you off at your first grade class. 
Love you TONS,
Momma xoxo

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