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23 July 2012

16 Months.

Dear Mom,
Once again, you have yet to post my milestone updates.  I know you are busy, but come on!  We have so much to catch up on and to share with everyone!
So, let’s see… where should we start?!  Well, first and most important, I have your love of shopping, and Nana’s love of shoes.  I’ve tried to hand your credit cards to numerous tellers as you are trying to pay for things.  They think it’s the cutest thing, you… not so much.  Why can’t I try to pay for things too?!  I even tried to sign your name today.  Unfortunately for you, the pen didn’t work.  That dentist would have had an amazing tip, even if there wasn’t a line for tips. 
I seriously go CRAZY for shoes.  There is something about them, like a bee to a flower.  Those alphabet letters to the refrigerator.  Tape to a present!  I just can’t get enough of them!  I run around the house and find shoes, hide shoes, try them on… sometimes I secretly try to taste them, but you freak out!!  Really!?  I even love the word shoes.  I can say it all day long.  Sometimes really loudly, sometimes quietly, sometimes repeatedly.  You could say it is a slight obsession.  When I’m in the shoe isle at a clothing store, I love to rip my shoes off, and thrust my foot in your face… like, here Mom!  Lets get a new pair, FOR ME!  A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes.  As a matter of fact, you just bought me the cutest deep purple Crocs.  They are cute on me now, but PLEASE don’t put them on my feet when I am older… not so cute on bigger people.  Just like what I said above, I also tried to pay for those myself, but you weren’t having it.  But, the guy behind the register thought I was awfully cute and gave me a free Jibbitz for my shoe!  Who would have thought that being cute got you free things!?  I can definitely get used to that!  Anyway, I tried to grab shoes… on my left, on my right, in front of my very eyes.  I just saw a sea of shoes, and I wanted them all.  In the end, we settled for the purple ones.  So, girls… the purple are off limits if you try to copy me.  Find your own color.
I’ll tell you what.  This talking stuff is fun.  Tyler teaches me a new word every day, but I say them way cuter than he does.  I know because everyone around me starts getting all weird and clapping and stuff.  Gibberish is a ton of fun too, but to throw in a word here or there is even more fun.  People go crazy for it.  I even put words together like: Good Girl, Dot Dot, All done, Hello Daddy… to name a few.  Screaming for you, Mom, has to be a favorite of mine though.  Running around the house and screaming your name, and seeing your reaction is great entertainment!  Mommy, NO!  Mommy, UP! MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!  MOM, MOOOOOMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!  I just know it’s like sweet music to your ears.  Don’t forget that I will also SHHHHHH you if needed.
Roll playing is super exciting!  I love to pretend to clean, vacuum the house, do the dishes, wash the laundry and make the occasional phone call.  I mean, really.  If I didn’t do these things around the house, who would?!  Come on people!  I do everything around here!  Is there really anything wrong with washing clothes in the bathtub or the toilet?  I think not!  I also am the only person in the house that takes care of the fake baby I received for Christmas.  Did you all forget about her?   I can’t be the only person to feed and change her all.the.time.  Hello!! 
Kicking a ball around the house gives Daddy some glimmer of hope that I will someday play sports, like soccer.  In reality my favorite sport will probably be shopping.  Get over it, Dad.  That’s what Tyler is for.  Duh!  Unless it’s dancing.  I love to dance, twirl and stand around like a little ballerina.  One foot pointed out. 
Helping Mom exercise is also quite fun!  Nothing like watching you do sit-ups while sitting on you, or pushups while riding your back like a horse.  You can totally thank me for your lean physique that you claim I ruined!  So ungrateful!
I love to color.  I don’t quite understand why my drawings aren’t allowed on the couch, or the remote, or even the TV stand.  It’s a beautiful masterpiece that my powerful little mind created, and you just follow me around, ripping the crayons and markers out of my hand and wiping away a Monet masterpiece.  You totally don’t get it. 
I’m really good at listening, which is definitely different from my brother.  He sometimes doesn’t like to listen, and I do.  You can tell me to pick up my books and put them away, and I do it.  I even clean my messes when asked!  Tyler, you have to tell THREE TIMES, and sometimes he ends up in timeout.  I definitely don’t do that.  But, we’ll see how it all pans out throughout my teenage years.  Tyler will probably end up the better listener.  Not like I’m not warning you now.  I can also tell you where my eyes, nose, mouth, hair and belly are.  It’s quite the adorable trick.  “Presley, where is your belly?!”  I lift my shirt and giggle and the crowd goes wild.  Man, adults are soooo easy to please.  On the other hand, I am pretty shy around people I don’t know, and “Stranger Danger” is definitely part of my unsaid vocabulary!  I practically climb you, Mom, when strangers come around, and I definitely don’t talk to them.  Tyler is super outgoing, and I am not so much.  You could say I am more reserved, I won’t just talk to anyone even if they do go on forever about how adorable I am.  It doesn’t help. 
Well, I think that about sums things up for now.  Once again, thanks for the 16 month update that I wrote myself.  I’m totally going to pat myself on the back now.
Till next time,

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