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28 July 2012

A passion for planes.

This kid is so focused on airplanes, we had to go back to Barnes and Noble to find books and magazines on them.  He has a million questions about them, and can answer just as many.  After Bill took him to see the C-130’s last weekend, Tyler wanted to call my dad and tell him about what he saw.  My dad asked a bunch of questions I didn’t even know the answer to, and Tyler answered them all.  He knew exactly what he was talking about, and I sat there like a fly on the wall listening to what sounded like two grown men talking shop.  Except Tyler is 6. 
Tyler searches for airplanes on Google and finds video’s on YouTube.  He wants to learn more about them every day.
I can only hope that he keeps his passion for everything he does in life, continues to pursue his dreams and follow his heart…. and his sense of humor!

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