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08 July 2012

Dot Dot finally gets groomed.

Now that we’ve officially hit the 100’s, it was definitely time to trim up this poor wire coat Jack Russell.  I bought Dot Dot about 11 years ago, to show.  I also wanted to teach her all the cute tricks from the show Wishbone.  OMG, that dog was so cute!  And I did.  Now, she just runs from the kids and gives us a look of “Why did you bring them home?!”

I did have a pretty fun and successful show career, yes… I used to show dogs.  Mostly Whippets.  I’m pretty over it now, and hope my kids stick to things like swim, ballet or other fun activities.  I will always cherish the time I had with my mom, showing dogs, but do I miss it?  Not really.  I’m a mom now, and my kids are my focus.  That life, constantly on the road and grooming dogs is not the life I want to live, or raise my family in.  For some, it’s perfect.  For me, it wasn’t.  I had the opportunity to head off with one of the top handlers in the country, and I turned it down.  Shows were for fun, not a career choice for me.  I like my desk job with a 401 K, retirement plan and benefits.  It’s allowed me to find my husband, buy a beautiful house and a build an awesome retirement plan.  I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I ‘m above dog shows.  I’m just saying it isn’t for me anymore, and I like wasting my money elsewhere!!! 

So, without further ado, the amazing grooming styling's of …. ME! 
Poor furry Dot Dot!
I call this “The Lion”….
No clue… I just thought it was super funny!
Isn’t she so cute?!  Dot Dot is a much happier dog!  Groomer… I am not. 


  1. she's so cute! love the haircut! I cut my dog's fur too! If you have a chance, please come by my blog :)


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