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29 July 2012

Girl Day!!

Lori, Garen and I decided on a girls hiking day so we could talk boobs, periods, cute guys and shopping. We had a blast! Next time I won’t do Insanity the night before so I start off with jello legs. What a bonehead idea that was!!! But we ended the hike with a juicy burger! We can’t wait to do it again!!

Beautiful downtown Boise

Do you see the bunny?!?!

We're so hot right now...haha.  No literally, we were HOT!


We were all the way up there?!

Dirty girl Lori!!


  1. aw, hikes are always so much fun. especially with views like that. you ladies are absolutely adorable!!
    xo TJ

    1. Aw! Thanks! I definitely can't wait until the next time :) xo K


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