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03 July 2012

Happy to be home.

After a week in Alaska, we've yet again come to realize why we left.  I know there are so many people out there that say "WOW!  Alaska!", but for someone born and raised there... ready to leave... visiting was just another reminder of why we left.  Especially after Tyler told us he was cold and ready to go home and swim in the pool!  Buddy, I'm in the same boat!  Then Bill kept saying " And this is why we left!" while pointing to the cloudy sky.... honey... I know.  I will admit, leaving our family was hard.  Seeing my mom cry made me cry.  My brother was there to say good bye too.  It meant a lot to have Steve, my parents and in laws there to say goodbye.  Thankfully not for long, though!  We can't wait to have visitors again!
Taken at 1PM in Alaska

Taken at 12:28 AM in Boise
I think my body had a bit of shock as well.  Between all the birch trees (which I am highly allergic to) and the difference in temperature, I've had a massive cold since Wednesday, and I can't seem to shake it!  There is nothing more important than your health, especially when chasing after two kids.  Needless to say, bed time yesterday was 8 pm!  I was one tired chickie!

Meeting my new Aunt and Uncle, and their beautiful family was AH-MAZING!  Probably one of the highlights of our trip.  There is nothing like a surprise new family member.. or 4, and these people are awesome.  I am truly blessed!

We caught up with friends, hung out with family and tried to stay warm... did I mention how C-O-L-D it was!?  We had a great time, though.  Bill didn't get to fish due to rough seas.... kind of like in Hawaii when his diving trip was canceled because of the of the same thing.  Guess he wasn't meant to play in the water!  Presley was baptised, the godparents made a special quick trip up for the occasion, and Bill and I got to enjoy our favorite restaurants with a built in baby sitter... thanks Mom and Dad!!  I got to spend a lot of time with my brother, some time with my bestie and a lot of time with Bill's entire family!  I tried to put my brother on EHarmony, and he retaliated by putting me on Craigslist.  I was just trying to help him find a nice girl!  Seriously!  He is a magnet for the crazies, and it sucks. 

Mom and I visited Nordstrom!  It's always everything and more a shopaholic could ask for.  We had a fabulous lunch there one day, and spent money on clothes the other.  YES!  I bought Tyler some super cute SIZE 7 shirts, Presley a new hair bow (since I just spent her gift cards at Gap, she has more than she needs...), cute new top and jacket for myself and some new shirts for Bill.  At this rate, he is getting a whole new wardrobe :(  Hey honey!  Maybe if I gain a few pounds I can have a new wardrobe too?!  Oh yeah... I totally went there!

It was a quick week, and next time we will definitely stay longer so we don't have to cram it all in and feel so exhausted doing it!

.... oh.... and did I mention it was COLD, like super cold?!  We're so happy to be home, and Boise definitely feels like home to us now. 

Until the next adventure...

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