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22 July 2012

Lucky Kid.

I think the stars are aligned for this kid and his love of airplanes.  Of any kind.  Since he was two, he has said he wants to be an engineer that designs airplanes.  No lie.  To this day he still tells people that he wants to be an Aeronautical Engineer, who also flies planes and fixes them… stares at them, loves them, Google's them and watches video’s of them… you name it. 
This kid has had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a 737, Q400 Bombardier, MD-11, HC-130 Hercules, and 757… some I’m sure I’ve forgot to mention too.  We have pictures of them all though. 
On Saturday, Bill took him to watch the ANG’s HC-130’s and JC-130’s which are in town for fires across Idaho.  A crew chief happened to see Bill and Tyler behind the fence watching as they admire the fun airplanes, and invited them to come over and check them out!
Tyler, once again, got to sit in the front seat of the HC and JC-130’s!  The same type of aircraft his Uncle Steve works on!  He was OVER THE MOON!!!  You hear of those kids that just know what they want to be when they grow up, from day one.  I have no idea whether Tyler will actually pursue this career one day, or not, but you never know.  We will be proud of him no matter what he does, and we just know he is destined for great things! 

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