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17 August 2012

1st grade orientation.

Today was Tyler’s first grade orientation at Challenger School.  I can’t say enough how much we LOVE this school.  Seriously LOVE.THIS.SCHOOL.  We met Tyler’s new teacher, and we are SO impressed with her!  Like all of Challenger’s teachers.  First grade is going to hold so many fun, new experiences for Tyler.  On the menu?!  A report on one of the western states, a presentation, multiplication (which he already does), geography, weekly science experiments, an ACTUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY, Christmas and spring programs and a lot of reading… just to name a few of the exciting adventures Tyler will have throughout the school year.  He can hardly wait to start school on Monday!
Tyler's classroom.
Tyler’s classroom.
Challenger’s mission statement.  LOVE THIS.
mms_picture (2)
The desk of the year!
mms_picture (3)
In Kindergarten Tyler learned to memorize the first two paragraphs.
For first grade he will memorize the next two.

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