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25 August 2012

Did I mention…

That I am on a billboard for a Mazda dealership here in Idaho?!  Seriously.  I was asked, and I sure as h-e-double hockey sticks wasn’t going to turn that offer down!  I had NO IDEA they wanted me to pose until we were on the way there and Bill happened to tell me.  Well, thanks hunny.  I had a massage earlier that morning, didn’t wash my hair and had minimal makeup on, and you nonchalantly let me know that our sales guy wants ---->this face<---- on a billboard… thanks.  Thanks for letting me know BEFORE WE LEFT THE HOUSE.
So, here I am in all my greasy glory, representing a Mazda dealership here in Idaho. 
Did I mention…
**they spelled my name wrong?  I suppose with two R’s in my name you could roll them?  Make it sound more exotic??
**Not sure why it’s only me…. Bill wouldn’t do it anyway.
**We bought a Mazda CX-5. I LOVE it!
**YES!  I really do get amazing gas mileage, and it’s an SUV!
** No, I didn’t get paid for it.  It was for fun!
So, if you see this car speeding around Idaho with a “Mrs. Bieber” license plate cover on it… that would be me.  Just move out of my way.  Thanks!


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