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21 August 2012


I’ve been in such a crazy mood for redecorating, it’s not even funny.  HGTV is such a bad influence, I mean really.  I would say it was my worst enemy, but in reality, it is far more Bill's enemy than my own. 

I want to finish Tyler’s room... meaning a chair rail, more painting and just the right desk, put up wainscoting along the wall between Tyler and Presley’s room, and make this ah-maaaazzzzzing picture frame from Pinterest.  So far I’ve: refurbished a kids table for Presley’s room and painted accent wall in three rooms.  Tyler’s room, the kid’s bathroom and the guest bathroom!  UGH!!  So many projects, so little time! 

So, without further ado…
Presley’s new desk!
DSC_0220 DSC_0273

I took the old table set, originally from Craft Warehouse, and painted the legs and chairs Lake Country, by Valspar.  Then finished it with a spray paint chalkboard top.  Easy peasy!  Funny story, I acquired this desk from a friends breakup for $20!! 

Guest bathroom:
guest bath
Entry to kids bathroom:
kids bath
Upcoming Projects:
Wainscoting wall!  (yes, that is the wainscoting hanging out in Tyler’s unfinished room.)
Future picture frame!
I can’t wait to get them all finished! 

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