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23 August 2012

P's first trip to Minor Emergency.

Isn't it always the case that when you turn your back to two seconds your kids get in trouble? 

I had just made some coffee, and I was bringing it into the living room when Presley decided to grab a vase out of the cupboard.  She dropped it and cut her thumb open.  I don't think I have seen that much blood, ever.  Her little thumb made my house look like a crime scene or surgery gone wrong. 

I quickly wrap her hand in a towel and ask Tyler to find my phone.  Tyler decides he needs one last bite of ice cream instead.  We find my phone, call Bill and head out to minor emergency... thankfully right down the street.  (Thanks for the help, T...)

They get us in right away, and for $25 I received a band aid.  Yup.  A $25 band aid.  The doctor admitted that it was indeed deep enough for a stitch or two, but it was such a clean cut and "It closed nicely".. that we received a band aid and headed home. 

Seriously.  My house is 5 minutes from the Minor Emergency clinic, and by the time I got home she had already ripped it off... and since then, several other band aids.  Apparently Iron Man and The Hulk aren't her style.... go figure.

A small glance of the mess.

Presley's poor little thumb.

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