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01 September 2012

17 Months

Presley’s Stats:

Weight: 21 pounds

Height: 32 inches

Doctor says: Keep reading to her, she is very smart and very healthy!

Word count: honestly, too many to count.  Plus she;s putting 2-3 words together now!  Most recently: Where’s daddy?, Where’s Dot Dot?  That’s mine!.. or NOOOOO mine!  No thank you.  All done!  Today she said "sit down!" Oh, and another big surprise... Airplane.  We definitely credit her brother for that one.

Presley also counts!  She can say 1, 2 & 3!  She is literally our little parrot.  Not to mention how much she actually understands.  I can ask her to pick up a wrapper, and throw it in the garbage… consider it done.  She can name her feet, nose, eyes, belly and head.

Personality: Presley is still a HUGE shoe lover.  She has discovered how to put on lip gloss, and where to find it in my purse.  We officially have time outs.  She loves to cuddle, clean and inquire about all new things.  She knows what she wants, and when she wants it!  I think Sweet P will be my little ballerina.  She loves to twirl and walk around on her tip toes.  Still shy around strangers and other children.  An independent, stubborn, giggly goose.

Sleep: 8 PM to 8:30 AM.  YES! 

Favorite books: That’s Not My Dolly, The Pigeon Drives the Bus, Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes, Hop on Pop, Princess Baby and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Favorite Activities: Playing with her baby, cleaning house with mommy, watching Tyler’s every move, peek-a-boo, play pretend.

Upcoming Events: The hot air balloon festival this weekend!


Big, big eyes!

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  1. She is so cute! Love the airplane picture.

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    I am hosting Mom's Monday Mingle 5pm central. Love for you to link up!

    1. Thanks, Julie! I would love to participate in the Monday Mingle :) I can't wait!

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    1. Will do, Sharon! Thanks for stopping by :)


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