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27 September 2012

Life Lately.

These last few weeks have been a challenge for me.  I’ve felt really down and out, I haven’t been myself.  I miss my kids while I’m at work.  I see my hubby a few minutes before heading to bed at night, five nights a week.  I’m unfulfilled at my job.  I miss having a life, and miss being able to spend more time with friends.  I miss having time to workout.  I miss having energy.
These are just some of the sacrifices we make as mothers, and at the moment, I've let life catch up to me.  My greatest fear is that my kids won't appreciate the hard work and sacrifice we've made as parents to ensure their future.
When I don’t have my kids in the morning, my husband does.  Our work hours are almost perfect for the kids.  Sometimes I wish life were more like “the good old days” when more moms were at home.  Today I live and work in corporate America, where I am grateful for opportunity, benefits and a paycheck, but none of that compares to being with my kids and my family.  I always yearn to be closer to them.

Watching the hours slowly pass by at work, when that magic hour finally comes around and I feel like a new person again. I’m happy and I'm whole. 

Life is what it is for the moment, but I trust God that there is a reason for everything.  Talking to Him and Bill has brought me a lot of tears these last few weeks, but also a full heart and more understanding.  It’s my way of getting through the day. 
How could I not miss these cute little faces all day?!  I’d be crazy not to. 
We are in serious need of family time, so next week we are taking a long weekend and heading to SEATTLE!!!!  I can.not.wait to spend quality time with my favorite people, in a city filled with friends and fun places to visit. 
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