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06 September 2012

Oh Lola….

I have a Yellow Lab, her name is Lola.  She has to be one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned.  Great with the kids and loves everyone.  But Lola isn’t the brightest bulb.

Last Friday we took Lola into the vet’s to have her spayed.  She did fabulously!  Bill and I were hoping for a reprieve, but it’s like she never even had surgery.  Bill brought her home and she was just as dingy as ever!  The vet put a cone on her head to keep her from breaking her stitches open, and within the first day she had her cone TORN IN HALF, and we ended up bringing her back.  This time for staples, and a new cone.  A cone that is so much bigger than the last cone.  To top it all off, this dog has NO spatial awareness… at all. 

Poor Lola has hit every wall in the house, every corner, table, chair, couch, door, bed… person, and child.  Presley screams whenever she comes near, because she gets bowled over!   When she follows us around the house, all you feel is giant cone on the back of your legs.

The other night, Bill and I could hardly sleep.  Poor Lola had a hard time getting comfortable with her ginormous cone, so in the middle of the night all we could hear was this dog crashing into everything.  The bed, dresser, wall… Maybe she was using the cone like an antenna?  Bill and I would wake up laughing, but there came a time when it wasn’t so funny anymore.  If I didn’t wake Bill from yelling at Lola to go lay down, he would wake me yelling the same thing.  We were zombies by the next day.  Let me just tell you, I was not ready for my alarm at 4:30 in the morning.  I was a bear the next morning, and coffee was my new best friend!

Since then, we have had to duct tape Lola’s cone.  This poor dog is so clumsy! 
But, on a bright note, Lola is spayed and she is definitely more comfortable in her fashionable cone.  We’ve done our part to “Keep the pet population down” and spayed our pet.  Thank you Bob Barker! 



  1. Oh Lola- you are still cute with your cone! Stopping by from the Wiegands! I love the title of your blog too...very clever mama! Following you on pinterest!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by!! Glad you like my blog name ;) It makes me giggle! I will definitely return the follow, and fix my pinterest.. darn it! xo,Karen

  2. oops not following you on pinterest. the link didn't gfc follower instead. Happy weekend!


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