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17 September 2012

Presley's first bee sting. Thumbs strike two!

Dear Sweet P,

Today you were stung in the thumb by a bee.  What is with you and your thumbs!? 

It happened at daycare after the bee flew in the house.  This time of year you can find them laying around, dying.  You don't have my fear of icky bugs yet, so you thought it was okay to pick it up, and it stung you. 

Luckily the only reaction you received was a swollen thumb.  You were so worn out that you slept the all the way to pick up Tyler from school, and you didn't wake up until we were almost home.  I am so thankful you didn't have an allergic reaction to the sting! 

After we got home we found a dead bee on the garage floor and you said "Bee!  Sting!"  Hopefully you've learned your lesson!  Bugs, bees and spiders are icky, but it was nothing a few chocolate covered strawberries couldn't cure!  You are a brave girl. 



  1. Hey lady! If we have another girl, we want to name her Preslie! I've never heard another. Great taste! :) :) I'm a new follower from the Mom's Mingle, and I'd love a visit back at when you get the chance! :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Preslie is a fabulous name!

      Have a wonderful day :) I'm a new follower!! xo

  2. Aww poor little sweet heart. I am also glad she didn't have a reaction. Your family is beautiful. I am glad I got to stop by from the Monday Mingle and check out your blog.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, and the sweet comments! Hope you have a wonderful day :) xo


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