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20 September 2012

When I grow up, I want to be like Amy Duncan!!!

Have you ever seen the show Good Luck Charlie? You know, the show on the Disney Channel with the funny family and totally INSANE mom? Well, it is a favorite here in our house. More for Bill and I than for the kids. I’ll tell you a little secret… we DVR it. Um, yeah. 

Just to give you a quick rundown of the show. The Duncan's are a family of four, Charlie being the youngest.  Her big sister Teddy records a video diary for her about life with the family, and at the end of each show says "Good Luck Charlie." 
Amy Duncan, the mom, is my TV mom hero.

This show is chalked full of adult humor. Honestly, it has given me so many ideas on raising my children when they become teenagers. For example, in one episode, Teddy and her best friend Ivy try to trick their mom’s into letting them attend a high school party. Once they catch on to their plan, they decide to head to the party too! Seriously. How embarrassing would that be? In my house, and many of my friends homes, our mom’s just got mad. I plan to take parenting as a crazy mother to a whole new level. Why get really mad when I can be super embarrassing? Way more fun!

In another show Gabe tried to trick Amy into doing his science project. She finished it all right… with stickers, pink paint and glitter, then named the rocket Rainbow Sunshine. So awesome! Tyler would never leave me to his projects again!

Let’s face it. There will be a time when our children try to do something without our consent, and this show has given me so many great “outside the box” ideas on how to handle them, watch out Tyler and Presley! I’m taking notes!

Anyway, on to my original point. When I grow up, I’ve decided to be just as fun and crazy as Amy Duncan. She is, to me, the modern day Lucille Ball. She wants to be a star, always in the lime light. She is full of herself in the funniest way. She is spunky and sassy, full of energy, fun, witty, always dressed super cute and ready to strike a pose at the thought of a camera (which is usually the case for me, but only after a few margarita’s!!).

Amy seems to know every move her kids make, much like most mothers I know, but Amy has a flair that I have never seen before. The thing I love most about Amy? She is herself, and she doesn’t care what any one else thinks of her. 

I love the brutal honesty and sarcasm of the show, and of this family. It’s our house with much less children. Honestly, it makes me excited for what the teen years could hold here!  BA-BAM!!!


Good Luck, Tyler and Presley!!



  1. Hilarious, we love the sow too! The mom is hysterical and the family dynamic is sweet.:)

  2. Oh my gosh. My 9 yr old loves Good luck charlie. I don't usually watch, but the last episode I saw was where the mom has the fifth kid. It was pretty funny.

  3. Not familiar with that show. We love Dora around here. LOL!

    julie @ Naptime Review

  4. Too cute! We just love Dora around here. One day we will know that show I am sure!

    Julie @ Naptime Review

    1. Yes! I'm sure we will be revisiting Dora again soon... not looking forward to it ;) LOL!


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