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28 February 2013

A hug and a kiss for my birthday.

I remember when I was little, and I would ask my Dad what he wanted for his birthday.  He would always tell me the same thing every year, a hug and a kiss.  Only a hug and a kiss.  He never wanted anything else, but in my little kid head, I never believed it.  I always thought he deserved something more exciting, better than a hug and kiss.  That was something he received daily anyway, so why would he want that on his birthday?!  Inconceivable!  But really, I do have the best dad in the entire world.   And to this day, he still deserves the world along with hugs and kisses.

Fast forward to today.  Today is my birthday.  I'm officially 33-10.  Because I decided that when I turned 30 I would subtract ten years from my age.  Brilliant!  I have a six year old and an almost two year old.  

So, when my son Tyler asked me what I wanted for my birthday, the only thing that came to mind, that would make my birthday the most special day ever, was a hug and a kiss. 

I've officially come full circle, and now I understand how my Dad would feel on his birthday.  There is nothing fancy I can think of, not enough money in the world, clothes or makeup (which I love), cute puppies, Aston Martins, flowers or chocolates that will ever fulfill my birthday like the love of my kids.  I want their love. (not sure if my Dad still feels the same today, haha!)

So today, I sit here at work.  Patiently waiting until I clock out and pick up my kids so I can receive the greatest gift of all.  My hugs and kisses.   ANTS IN MY PANTS!!!

Happy Birthday to me!!!


  1. happy b-day pretty lady... even though this is belated!! yayyyyy!

    1. Thanks sweetie!! Hope to get together soon :)


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