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17 June 2013

Lucky Number Seven.

Dear Tyler,

Today you are seven.  Count it… Seven.  I’ve cried a lot thinking about it.  It’s another year that has flown by, and I can’t even begin to tell you where it went.  I know this much; Seven years ago I became a mom, and you forever changed my heart, my whole outlook on life.  You taught me what “love at first sight” was, you taught me to be more patient, more sensitive, you’ve shown me new ways to see the world… brilliant ways to see the world, you have shown me beauty, and more intelligence than most adults I’ve ever encountered.  It’s hard to put into perspective sometimes.

I’ve seen you blossom and grow, you’ve started to take the turn from little boy, to a big one that I don’t recognize most days.  I still want to see you as my little baby, and it’s been a hard transition.  I promise I’ll get over it.  Just give me time.
You have such a big heart and you are so patient with your little sister.  You are an amazing big brother.  We’ve entered the arguing phases though.  You can handle only so much before your bossy sister gets on your nerves.  She is quite the sassy pants…
This year, not only did you make Honor Roll with all A’s and one B, but you also got a Presidential Fitness award.  Pretty incredible.  You also scored REALLY HIGH on your IOWA tests.  You have to be the most handsome nerd I’ve ever seen.  I still worry every day because you are such a young soon to be second grader, but we trust your school with all of our heart to help us make the right decision.  I honestly think if we held you back a year, you would be bored out of your mind, and there would be no challenge for you… I would be afraid that you would lose your passion for learning.  When we picked you up from your last day of school, you asked if we would send you to Challenger’s Summer Program.  I wish we could, but you need to play and be a kid and take a break from it all.  You deserve it!

You are an excellent swimmer!  You’ve recently learned the Butterfly Stroke!  If conditions are perfect (which I will explain here in a sec), you should end your summer with swim intensives.  Two weeks straight of intense swim classes.  You are beyond excited.  If you excel like your swim instructor think that you will, they might have a hard time placing you in a swim class because you will be ahead of what other kids are doing at your age.  Pretty impressive.  As long as you enjoy it, we will continue to swim.  It’s an incredible life skill and excellent exercise!  Up next?  Guitar lessons!!
The Butterfly! First time on his own!
Now to explain the above.  You broke your arm.  I was beyond upset.  Let me explain how… You were hanging between the couch and the kitchen counter and you slipped.  I was putting away the dishes, you were hanging there talking to me and you slipped.  At first, I was upset that you were hanging there, but then when you didn’t stop crying, which is highly unusual for you, I knew something was wrong. I called daddy and asked him to come home immediately.  We headed off to the ER where we were greeted by three nurses.. okay… it was one male nurse, then two female nurses came over because they thought you were super handsome.. seriously… Anyway… they determined that because you could move your wrist and hand that your arm wasn’t broken, and they sent us home.  Well, the next day was Prairie Days at your school, where I was honored to volunteer!!  You made a candle, a spinning circle, hand washed clothes the old fashioned way and played with hula hoops.  Never a complaint.  Wednesday was a regular school day, and Thursday was your last day of school.  There was a bounce house, a water balloon fight, bean bag toss, just to name a few… and once again, never a complaint.  We picked you up from your last day…tears in my eyes again as we hugged everyone good bye for the summer…. and we noticed that your arm was swollen.  So off to Minor Emergency we went.  You received your very first X-ray and the doctor came in and shocked the living daylights out of me.  He proudly announced that you had two broken bones in your arm… TWO.  I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t breathe.  I never expected you to have two broken bones, especially after being told at the ER that you were fine.  I thought a sprain or hairline fracture.. nope.  Go big, or go home.  You receive your cast today, Bronco Blue, and you will live with it for 2 weeks, then we head back for a smaller cast.  So far you already have a ton of signatures on it… mostly girls… random ones too.  You also tell people that you broke it “back in NAM” or that you “ weren’t supposed to talk about Fight Club!”  You are a champ.  THE toughest kid I know with an awesome sense of humor.  Even the doctor was seriously impressed at your pain tolerance.  We also revisited the doctor with your sister…. that ended in three stitches to her head.  We’ve started this summer off with a bang, and have helped fully fund our doc’s summer cruise to Alaska!  YAY US!

bones 1Bones

You’ve yet to lose any teeth.  I think you might just be the only kid in class with a full set of chompers.  Our dentist says that you have all of your teeth coming in at once, so expect the tooth fairy to shell out some serious dough.  At least you don’t look like some toothless hillbilly… right?!

Last Thursday I met a guy who was your older twin.  He knew every detail about every airplane.  All I could think was “this is Tyler in 11 years.”  I was proud.  This kid warmed my heart.  To think that you also have such a wealth of knowledge about things you are passionate about… airplanes and dinosaurs..anything you set your heart on.  He also has wanted to design and fly planes since he was your age and became the youngest pilot in Idaho and is well on his way to a successful career in the Aviation industry.  I was sincerely excited to meet this person.  A fellow airplane freak, just like the rest of us!  I just know you will do great things.  You’ve already stated that you want your pilots license as soon as you are old enough.  Daddy is SUPER excited, and so am I (thank God for Xanax).  Not so excited that I will have to stop buying as many fun, new outfits to save for it, but you are well worth it! 

Some things that you have learned over the course of the year are pretty amazing.  You can name and spell pretty much any dinosaur that ever existed… most adults can’t do that without Google.  I know I can’t.  You can multiply and divide like crazy.  You even learned how to do this problem: 5*4-2+100=… or something like that.  I think I learned that in junior high.  You wrote your own short story about a good Tyler and a bad Tyler, a science project on yeast, computer programming.. just to name a few.  We are beyond thrilled with your school.  

Well, Mr.T, six comes to a close and we’re well on our way to college.  Please slow down because sometimes it hurts to see you grow so quickly.  I’ve been told too many times that it happens in a flash, and I hate to think that I only have 11 years left with you before college.  It just freaks me out.  I know it will be here before we know it, so I want to savor every moment… and if I cry too much, and I am THAT mom, so be it.  I love you to the moon and back, and I’m just as proud.   

Forever your mommy.
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