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22 July 2013

There's No Going Back Now, Baby.

I recently had to get a new phone...
The antenna decided to quit doing it's job the other day, and a new phone was the only solution.
Getting everything transferred over, putting all of your personal settings back, not to mention remembering and downloading all my favorite apps is so time consuming... I know.. middle class issues.  Over it. 
So, in the process of fixing my Facebook I stumbled upon some pictures of Tyler that I forgot about... four years ago, in my hoodie... MY hoodie.  
I never realized how much he had grown until this picture put it all into perspective.
I have to be honest. It's really hard for me to see. Not only is he a lot taller, but he looks so much more grown up.
Sometimes I ask myself why he needs to grow up so fast, then other days I question my sanity...  Then I dream of myself on a beach with a margarita in hand, nothing but peace and quiet.... ahhhhh.
So, here is my "little" guy, growing up too fast.

OhMyGosh... I still sit here and shake my head at the difference, and how unbelievably handsome!  Sigh.  He owns my heart.

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