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22 March 2014


Dear Princess Presley (because that's how you like to be addressed),

You turned 3 yesterday, and I swear you get sassier every year, which means that I really look forward to your teen years. 

You say the funniest things, and you are wicked smart.  You know colors, shapes, the alphabet, you have this funky way of writing and it's not big squiggly circles it's like you are actually trying to write, you count to who knows and you tell stories.  Crazy stories.  One of your stories has something to do with your brown unicorn being stuck on pony mountain because Santa tied him up there.  We are still on a quest to save him. 

You can't wait to start preschool in the fall, and you want to ride a horse while holding a bunny in one hand and a chicken in the other.

You escape your car seat.  Everyone in the car is always putting your harness back on and your arms back where they belong.  I don't know how many times I've almost had to pull the car over.

You are super bossy and independent.  'Nuff said.

You will not poop on the potty to save your life.  You ask for a diaper instead... and you can hold your pee though the night... but poop is a whole other story.

People constantly stop and stare at you.  Not sure if it's the abundance of personality, how beautiful you are, or both, but people think you are pretty darn cute. I kinda do too, when you aren't throwing a fit.

You are the definition of girly.  Pink sparkle is your favorite color and you love shoes, hair, makeup and clothes.

You quote the show "Barbie, Life in the Dream House" and it's hilarious.

Horses are your favorite thing in the entire world.  So you say.

You have the most intense blue eyes.  Big blue eyes.  The are gorgeous.

You "fluff" not "fart".

You like to play dolls.  Example here:

You love swim class where you are learning how to hold your breath under water, swim across the pool, roll onto your back, float and calling for help.

You love church and learning about God and Jesus and they had donkeys. 

Everyone and everything is your pony to ride.

You love your brother to infinity and he loves you that much too.

You will only wear fancy dresses... anywhere.  To school, at home, to bed, on bike rides.

You twirl all.the.time.

You tried to paint your toes by yourself while I turned my back for two seconds.  I was scrubbing nail polish out of the bathroom floor for about 30 minutes.  My arms are super buff now.

You sang to a clean version of Linkin Park's A Light That Never Ends.  Not my proudest moment, but still funny.

Favorite song: Ho Hey, The Lumineers.

Well, I think that about sums you up.  We love you so very much, sissy pants, princess sweet P, sissy boo boo.  You keep me on my toes, and you make me laugh.  I love you more every day.

Mom (nam nam)

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