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30 May 2014

My little Mathlete.

Yesterday I got to experience my first math competition.  It was intense.  Seriously intense.. and this was only second grade.  I could not believe the quick thinking, the complexity or level of the questions or the calm, intelligence shown by these final seven students.  Forget the show "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader"... try a Challenger second grader.  I'll bet on that Challenger student any day.
My super smarty pants ended up 4th.  Just below the metals.  Then he cried.  He's like me.  We're either the best, or the worst.  We're really hard on ourselves, and expect perfection.  The math skills are from Bill.  I can't take any credit for that.
After school, we celebrated.  There was ice cream, donuts and the movie of his choice.  A much deserved treat for being so amazing!  The fourth best math student in the second grade.
Today I took a day off from work to play "stay at home mom," and what does this one say when I asked him to shower?  "Mom, I have cologne.  I don't need a bath or a shower."  I think I need to incorporate myself into the morning routine more often...
Tyler, we are more proud of you than words can ever express!  Great job, Mr.T!

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