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18 August 2014

Three weeks of family.

Three weeks of visitors. I guess that's what happens when you move away from all of your family.
We loved every minute.
Next year we might head back to Alaska for a visit, but it's really hard to leave sun and heat for cold and rainy..

Presley and her grandparents Whippet, Ashleigh. Ummm, hello Town and Country!!

Yup!  They drove down from Alaska!

Tyler and Pres hanging out in the new motorhome.


Sassy, taken by Mema

1 year difference.

Papa "Did she get a black eye?" Mema "Nope, she got into the makeup.."

Another gorgeous Boise day!

Boise Downtown.

Always waiting on women.

Her favorite person in the world.  His favorite person in the world.

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