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29 June 2015

Glamping, three days. Seward, Alaska.

Our rides and view.

My parents motor home in the mirror!


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My little twinsie.

Picking her future sailboat.

Tyler's first fishing trip. Pretty epic!

We had such a fantastic time in Seward.  It was so beautiful, and there was so much to see.  Everything we did was with in walking distance with so many spectacular views, places to explore and sea life all around. 

Tyler went on his very first fishing trip, and had a blast!  The boys on the boat caught 41 fish!  Tyler has been asking to go fishing, but life here in Boise often gets in the way.  Tyler doesn't get to spend a lot of time with Bill since Bill works a PM shift, and I'm not exactly the fishing type.  Instead, they both got to experience a pretty epic fishing trip!  One they will always remember.

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