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15 June 2015

School is out, and I got emotional.

Dear Tyler and Presley,

You both had your last day of school on Thursday, and I always think that each year it will get easier.  That the second kid isn't as hard as the first because we've already "been there", or that as you continue to climb to the next grade it won't be as hard.. but all of it is.  I was wrong.  I'm not typically an emotional person, but watching you guys grow up so quickly kind of stings a little.  The years go by more quickly than the last, just like everyone will tell you.  That as you get older, the faster the years go by.  It's not a farce.  It's the truth, and there is no getting around it. 

This year I had a 3rd grader and a first year preschooler.  Crazy.   

Tyler, I can't even begin to describe all the projects you had this year.  Your Science Fair project on the Bernoulli Effect was my absolute favorite!  You ROCKED it!  I wanted to do the entire thing for you, because I love science, but I got to sit back and watch you learn to love science instead.. and it was just as exciting.  There were some really long days, tears, laughter, monthly book reports of all kinds, a chocolate castle, insane spelling tests, math competitions (2nd place!!) and so much learning.  Books that other schools are reading in the 5th grade are already under your belt.  I'm sure I've left something important out also.  That's called Mommy Brain.  As you grow to a new grade, you are also losing more of your classmates.  It's to be expected in a school like this, but its still hard to see the change, and to know that some of your friends are moving on to other places.  Sometimes I still look back and wonder if we put you in 1st grade too soon, because you are so young, but it hasn't stopped you. Ever.  That being said.. Congratulations on your Honor Roll and Math achievements this year!!  (Oh, and a little side note.. you better make the PE achievement next year.  If you can pump out one of my HIIT workouts, there is NO REASON you can't get one of those awards!)  This summer you started on a swim team.  So far you love it!  Today you were warn out.  It was 45 minutes of constant back and forth in the pool, and you aren't used to that.  It's so good for you, though!  No stopping for a lesson on how to do it!  Get in, and get going!

Presley, your year was amazing!  I had a THREE YEAR OLD reading in my house.  You write all sorts of craziness all over the house.  Not so cool, but super impressive!  You mark your name on everything, you write little words all over your books and my books and your brothers books...  You have an insane amount of stories that you love to share about your teachers and how silly they are, but your teachers are GENIUS.  These silly stories are about things like the vowels.  A,E,I O P?  NO!!!  How many times do you have to correct them?!  You read, you write, you spell, you can count to god only knows, you know your alphabet inside and out, the sounds, the blends, you are extremely articulate.. and so much more.  Your pediatrician said you are smart enough to start Kindergarten.  WOW.  I trust in your school, just like I did with Tyler.  I'm not skipping you ahead, you will have another year of Preschool, then you will move on to Kindergarten where my heart will break a little more.  

On your last day, I pulled up to the pickup line.  Tears filled my eyes.  I no longer have a 3rd grader.  You are a 4th grader.  You have friends, play dates, parties, sports and games.  It makes me sad.  I know its all part of growing up, but sometimes it feels like its too soon.  The moment appeared as if magic, and was raw and real.  I wasn't as ready for it as I thought.  I mean, it was only yesterday that I was holding you, Tyler, in the NICU, and now you're in 4th grade.  It was only yesterday that we made a video of Presley wildly moving around in my belly, and now she is reading.  Life happens so quickly, and all I hope is that I'm doing a good job.  That I haven't messed you up in some way. That you guys remember your manners, and always have a place in your heart for people we like, or don't like.. people we agree with, or not.  That we strive to be more like Jesus, and not to judge.. to set the example.  That we follow HIS law, and not the ones that fit us at the moment.  It's hard.  I fail all.the.time.

To all of your teachers, we thank you.  Thank you for caring about their education as much as I do.  Thank you for making them laugh, love and smile every day as if they were your own.  Thank you for sharing your passion to teach with my kids who have a passion to learn.  Thank you for setting them up with a bright future, and with an amazing foundation that is irreplaceable.  Thank you for graciously sharing your gift of teaching with them.  Thank you for pushing and challenging them to do bigger and better things, because Lord knows, these two need it!  It's an absolute honor to share my babies with such amazing people, and in such an amazing school.  Thank you.

So, until the fall when reality hits us again let us enjoy our summer break together!  Alaska, here we come!


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