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02 July 2015

Last day of Alaska.

Remade Mom's Christmas card from 1996 or 97ish!

Great Tante Maritta.

Great Grandma Kit.

Tyler, Presley & Uncle Steve
Grandma, Grandpa and all three grand kids.

He's going to pass grandma soon.

Lovin' on her Uncle!.
Our trip back to Alaska was such a busy one.  We had something planned every day.  We missed out on seeing quite a few friends, but instead it gave us time to show the kids where we grew up.  This trip was so much fun, and we picked the right year to visit too.  It was HOT for Alaska instead of balmy, 55 and rainy.  Let me just clarify hot though; Bill was happy, and I wasn't complaining ;)

The very last day of the trip we were all warn out and exhausted.  We spent our last day hanging out with family.  My brother was still in town before his move to Vegas.  It was a nice surprise that we were able to spend a few hours with him, and the kids were pretty excited to wrestle with Uncle Steve too!

We had such a great time visiting with everyone!  This was definitely a trip to remember!  We were sad to leave everyone, but it sure does feel good to be home again.  The life we have created here in Idaho suits us well :)

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