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14 September 2015

Compassion International: The Compassion Experience

What a truly humbling experience. This. Right here. What a huge eye opener to hear the stories of four different kids from four different countries, their struggles, the poverty and how they overcame them through Compassion International.  To see these kids who slept on grass mats on a dirt floor, or the kid who made $5 a day selling juice to support the family. It wasn't even enough to eat on a daily basis.  Or a girl from Uganda who went deaf from Malaria and is now helping 45 kids in her country to overcome such handicaps and teach them about God, give them an education, food, shelter and medical aid. I cried at the end of every video when I was able to see what Compassion did for their lives, and how they are all leaders in their communities now. Thriving. This organization is truly amazing, and we are so honored to sponsor a kid from Ecuador. His letters mean the world to us! My heart is full, and I'm so thankful to have seen this interactive exhibit. We hope to meet Andy in person one day!

Uganda: This lady ended up deaf fro Malaria, and now has 45+ students she teaches!

Uganda: hospital. 

Worn out shoes, some toys. Next to it was a grass mat where the kids slept on the dirt floor. 

Where Carlos had to drag his mom out of a bar when he was 9. The same age as Tyler. This little boy lost his father because of alcoholism, and almost lost his mother until he dragged her out, took her home and she had a moment of Ah Ha where she knew she needed to do what was best for her starving child. 

On this desk is a robot. A little boys very first Christmas toy, and his very first pair of socks. 

Dirty ally where juice was sold. 

She's ready to listen and learn!

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