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14 October 2015

Life Lately, in pictures.

March of Dimes Appreciation Night

Koudelka Swim Meet

Life Lately

To say we've been a little bit busy is putting it lightly.  Our new adventures have been so exciting and fulfilling.  Swim Team, Swim Lessons, Parenting Classes, school... you name it!  We love every minute!

We were invited to an appreciation night for being a volunteer and raising money for the March of Dimes.  It was held at Zoo Boise, and we had a BLAST!  The animals were so active, and the Lion tried to swat at the kids through the glass!  We love being a part of the local MOD's family.

Next was the Koudelka Swim Meet.  Tyler loved every minute of it!  Watching the kids support each other and form memories.. and eat tons of food, was so much fun to watch.  Tyler swam really well and had a few really tough events for his second official meet.  He was a trooper and tried his best.  One of the coolest moments for me; I never had to tell him where to be or remind him.  He always kept track of his events, and was ready for every single one on his own.  Especially the moment when he said " Mom, I'm headed to my heat. Please grab my towel for me when I'm done."  I was just there for support!  Not that I don't ever anticipate him ever missing an event... it was just neat to see that he was so responsible, and that it is there in him!

Then there is life in general.. Bill and I took the kids separately on a date night.  Bill took Presley to Cold Stone for ice cream.. and never took any pictures.  I took Tyler on a hike, then to Whole Foods for some goodies and dinner.  He devours food!  He ate an entire huge slice of Lasagna on the way home!    As always, Presley is super sassy.  She is doing really well in school and loves her teachers.

Next, we need to get ready for Halloween!...Oh, and I got rid of my FaceBook.  I haven't missed it since!


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