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27 April 2016

When Your Mom Has Cancer.

When your dad has a sense of humor and puts stuffed animals around you while sleeping to send to the hubby.  Now you know where I get it ;)

Is it just me, or is cancer the modern day plague?!  It's overwhelming the amount of people who have cancer, or know someone who has it. It's sickening.  But, there isn't money in keeping people healthy here.  Just my opinion... we have to educate ourselves.

Just a few months ago, my sister kept calling my phone.  I was in the middle of a workout and thought "I'll just call her back after I'm done."  The calls continued, the texts, and then my dad called.  I knew something wasn't right.

I called them back to find out that my mom, who the doctors diagnosed with Shingles, indeed had cancer on her tongue.  She was never a smoker, although her father was a chain smoker, and not much of a drinker.  But, there is no way to tell what could have caused it.  It could be from chewing gum.. GUM for crying out loud.  How are cancer causing chemicals allowed in so many of our products and food that we consume?  Why does our government and FDA think this is okay?  Why is so much of our "food" banned in other countries... Oh wait... go back to what I said earlier..

My mom went straight to Seattle, in the amazing care of UW staff and doctors.  Some of the best in the country.  She spent 9+ hours in surgery while they removed the cancer from her tongue and reconstructed it with a skin graph from her arm.  

Her surgery was successful, her cancer removed and she is healing quicker than expected.  She is far ahead of most people who have been through similar situations.  Thank God she is so healthy, and in good shape.. She is recovering and headed back to work next month!  She's a rockstar!

Now for the story on my visit!  

My dad and I planned a secret trip for me to fly to Seattle and surprise my mom.  Usually she is hard to trick... she's so nosy!  We had to keep it under lock and key, therefore, no one in the family had any idea.  I flew to Seattle Saturday morning and dad met me at the entrance to the hotel.  He told mom that he was heading downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and a bagel.  She rolled over and fell back asleep.  Dad snuck me up to the room, and I stood over her in bed and said "Housekeeping!  Me fluff pillow!"  She screamed, then started crying...then had to run to the bathroom!  Oops!

My parents had planned on taking the shuttle to Nordstrom, and to walk down to Pikes Market for a few hours... mom not knowing I was going to be there, but I had another surprise up my sleeve!  We took mom to Nordstrom, had lunch, then headed to Macy's.  She thought for sure I was going to get her a makeover since we were standing in the makeup department, but then a beautiful, long time family friend, Hillary, appeared with flowers in tow!  Round two of tears!  Mom hadn't seen Hillary since she was a little girl, but through Facebook has kept in touch with her and her family.  We spend the rest of the afternoon walking around Pikes Market and catching up.  We caught the tail end of the St Patrick's Day Parade and sipped on some coffee.  By that point, mom was worn out and ready to hop into bed.  It was such an amazing day being surrounded by people you love so much!

Sunday we let mom rest, and dad took me to breakfast.  It was so nice to sit down and just talk... breakfast was seriously amazing too!  The weather quickly turned, and flights were being delayed and canceled all across the west coast.  I was due to leave later in the evening.  After dad and I finished our late breakfast we watched movies with mom, let her relax, then it was time to head home.  I hugged my mom good bye and we cried.  Then dad took me to my taxi, and I haven't seen him cry much in my life, but he had huge tears as I climbed into the car.  I was a bit of a mess getting to the airport.  Thank goodness my driver was a scary driver and took my mind off of everything!  I ended up getting home really late, but it was so worth every minute.  

In the mean time, Bill was in charge of the kids... and as you can see from the pictures below, they had a great time.  Think "Just Go With It" ;)

Praying for cancer to be cured.  Praying for an end to this modern plague., and Praying for everyone effected by it.  Always stay informed! 

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