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13 May 2016

Spring Programs 2016



This school.  It never ceases to amaze me.  Every year these programs seem to get better and better.  Its so fun to see how much the kids have grown since the Christmas program, but its also a somber reminder that we are coming to the close of another school year.  I cannot believe how big the girls are now in Tyler's class.  Its that time where the girls are hitting their growth spurts and starting to look like little adults.  It's crazy.  It feels like yesterday they were all in Preschool, and now we are looking at little adults.  It won't be long before the boys follow suit.  I'm just not sure how ready I am for that!  

Presley's program was incredibly adorable.  She told me the night before that she was going to "nail her performance", and she did.  Presley, once again, is the most vibrant (and I don't just mean her hair) kid in the class.  Complete opposite of her brother.  

I'm so thankful to work for letting me see her program.  Its hard to make events in the middle of the day for me.  It meant the world to be able to see her last Preschool performance.  I'm the luckiest momma!


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