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29 June 2016

Double Digits.

Happy 10th birthday, Mr. T!  

This years birthday came with a little more attitude.  Not sure when the entire WEEK became yours, and everything in existence became yours, and you could boss everyone around, but we had to take you down a few notches.  Check it, before you wreck it.

Thankfully, you've been fine since. 

You chose to have some friends over the day of your birthday, then you REALLY wanted to go bowling and play at the arcade.  We surprised you with your two favorite friends and you had an amazing time!

After bowling you went on your first mountain bike trip.  

You had NO IDEA what you were in for.  We've hiked a lot of similar trails, but it's not the same as riding a bike on them.  You were a little scared of a few hills and made a few jumps on accident, but you were a trooper.  Bill also realized that you need a bigger bike.  So, a happy belated birthday present will be coming soon.

Your birthday table looks empty... sorry for that.  It actually was empty.  Your presents shipped late and came in the following day, but you didn't really seem to mind.  You were busy running around with friends and stealing one more piece of cake.

Cheers to 10, and to my most favorite boy ever.


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