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10 June 2016

School's out for SUMMER!

Another year in the books, and this has to be the fastest year yet.  We survived Pre-K and 4th Grade, headed onto Kindergarten and 5th. 

Presley had an awesome year.  She reads everything, and writes all over everything too.  Her teachers loved her silly and sassy personality, and said she was a bright student who will go far!  It was so much fun watching her learn and grow this year.  I can't wait for all the fun things she will accomplish in Kindergarten.  She'll have a short story to write and a ten minute demonstration this year.  I can't even imagine what sassy girl will write about or demonstrate.  As long as she isn't teaching people to cuss properly, we'll have survived the year alright!

Tyler had a little bit of a rough year.  He had his first C.  Not like him at all.  He had a year where he had more personal and emotional growth along with his education, and it was hard for him.  Many of the kids in his class are almost a year older than he is, and there is definitely a transition with some of them.  Kids are already maturing and needed deodorant.  Tyler can't wait to stink, so he's been anxiously awaiting the day he can stink too.  I was also awarded Mom of the Year when it took me 3/4ths of the year to realize he needed glasses.  That really hit hard.  His teacher this year was amazing.  She helped him so much, and was also a wonderful spiritual leader for him.  He has been so lucky.. there hasn't been a teacher we haven't liked for him.  (Thank you, Lord!)

We're so excited that summer is finally here, though.  California here we come!!!  (I just need a HOT beach!!)

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