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28 July 2016

Beach Life.

These boys are hilarious.

We visited some friends who live in the Los Angeles area and had a fantastic time.  They were kind enough to host us for a few days. 

We played with their adorable boys, met their cool neighbors (a member of Galaxy!), they took us to a fancy resort, the beach and on a double date!

 I don't think we realized how much sand would be returning home with us when we planned a beach visit, but it was so worth it.  Tyler is a fish.  He looked like a surfer kid in his natural elements. 

Presley made a new "best friend" with the neighbor girl.  She spent HOURS playing with her!  They were adorable together. 

I won't say that we didn't maybe get a sunburn.. and maybe peeled a little....  Yes, we used sunscreen.. apparently we should have applied it every 5 minutes though.  Ugh.  Parenting Fail.

Regardless, we made so many amazing memories... and learned a valuable lesson.

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