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20 July 2016

Disney, Day 1.

Tyler is officially at the "Stop taking my picture" stage.

Frozen Play

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The girls trying to buy everything at the cart.

Her favorite food..

I gave the girls matching braids!

Day 1 of Disneyland was epic y'all!  Especially when you go with the right people!  Jana is seriously the most efficient and knowledgeable Disniac ever, with a master plan for every day.  All her research and experience really paid off.  Her expertise made the trip.  I don't think we ever waited in line for a ride longer than 20 minutes, and we were able to see and experience so much.

First thing first, we finally met Lilli.  Bill's niece.  She is 3.5 now, so we kind of suck.  Lilli and Presley were insta besties.  She is an absolute doll!  From the back the look like they could be sisters, their cute little faces are completely different, but both so beautiful in their own way.  They have the most beautiful blonde, curly hair.. Lilli's is more spiral than Presley's, but people FREAK OUT over their hair, and the color makes the perfect Elsa hair!    It was so awesome to see all four cousins getting along so well.  It was like they never missed a beat!

Next was Cars.  Cars was seriously the cutest place EVER.  Can we just move there and I'll work at the Anna and Elsa Boutique?!  We rode the Toy Story ride, the Cars ride, danced with Luigi, rode the carosel, went to the new Frozen – Live at the Hyperion show ...along with so many other things.  Day one at Disney was amazing.  And each day was better than the last.  Disneyland is worth every penny we spent there, and we'd gladly do it again in a heartbeat.  Unfortunately I accidentally deleted all video's from Day 1 except for the Cars ride.  Ugh.  #momlife #mommybrain #epicfail

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