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17 July 2016

San Diego Safari Park, Day 2

Day 2 of our epic five day theme park journey.
Day 2 was the San Diego Safari Park, and it was incredible.  I've never been to an actual safari, but I can only imagine it would be similar to this experience.  This park is all about helping animals from extinction. Bill and I ended up taking the kids separate ways this time.  Bill took Tyler to the Jungle Ropes Safari while I took Presley to the Cart Safari.  Presley really wanted to see cheetahs, her favorite animal, and Tyler wanted to zip line and climb.  We also did the Cheetah Experience where they show a cheetah sprint behind a lure line.  It was so worth it!  No wonder Pres wants to be a "Cheetah Veterinarian!"  Definitely worth seeing.  This place was gorgeous!

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