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16 July 2016

San Diego Zoo.

Our first stop in our five day epic vay-cay was the San Diego Zoo.  This was the first time for Bill, Tyler and Presley to see this amazing zoo.. for me, the second time.  The first time I went I was standing next to a guy who robbed the bank we were in.  Needless to say, this time around was MUCH better!
Presley loved the cheetah exhibit, even though the cheetah's never came out to visit.  The coolest thing about the cheetah's?  They have dogs as their best friends.  One dog looked exactly like our Lola girl!  Of course this exhibit had a special place in our hearts!
Tyler loved everything at the zoo.  Especially the SkyFari.  We walked around for what seemed like endless miles, met some super cool new people and walked around the zoo with them.  This was also the point where Tyler realized his feet hurt really badly.  This was also the point where we realized his feet outgrew his school shoes.  His feet are officially as big as mine, and he stole my Nike's.  I ended up in my Converse for the rest of our five day excursion.  My feet were KILLING me.  Tyler felt GREAT!  #momlife
Hope you enjoy our pictures and video!

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